- radar data collection and processing coming from radar with digital output as part as air and counter-air defense;
- combining of data from radar with data from other sources;
- receiving, processing and displaying radar notification data from superior control posts;
- formation of short-term warnings about danger of convergence, dangerous heights;
- detection of aircraft objects, that approach forbidden areas;
- detection of aircraft objects, that incline from the routes;
- determining the grade of danger of targets, choice of weapons;
- targets assignment, providing target designation to AAMC;
- management of fighter aircraft pilot actions.



Quantity of personnel workstations 4
Quantity of radars from which the data consolidates  ≥ 16
Quantity of AAMC, simultaneously
controlled from one workstation
Quantity of AAMC, simultaneously
controlled from one control post
Quantity of targets on which aviation aimed from one workstation ≥ 3
Quantity of VHF radio stations for
communication with pilots
Ethernet communication channels:  - wired - 16
- radio channels - 2
- wired with SHDSL modem -2
Exchange protocols: ASTERIX or others
at the request of the buyer



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