Throughout 2018, enterprises that are part of Ukraine's defense concern UkrOboronProm have been developing, showcasing and testing dozens of new and modernized weapons and pieces of military equipment. Among the most successful projects there is Iskra Counterbattery Radar.
According to the information published on the UkrOboronProm website, top-5 developments include “Neptun” anti-ship missile (implemented by Luch Design Bureau), “Kvitnyk” modernized 152mm precision-guided munitions (Progres Research and Production Complex), MLRS “Berest” (SE “Shepetivka Repair Plant”), Combat Optical Gunsight OPSN-I (SE “Izum Instrument-Making Plant”), and 1L220UK Counterbattery Radar (Iskra Scientific Production Complex).
1L220UK Counterbattery Radar exceeds those radars that Ukrainian Armed Forces have in service. This radar can be used for both surveillance and detecting enemy and friendly artillery.
Technical peculiarities of the radar allows detecting classes of shooting systems (mortars, artillery, tactical missiles), determine impact points of mortars and ordnances, detect enemy UAVs and military aircraft.
1L220UK Counterbattery Radar contains of two transport units: an antenna equipment vehicle and an operation shelter. This type of construction increases the security of servicemen in armed conflicts. Antenna equipment vehicle may operate autonomously, because it is equipped with a mobile workplace.
Counterbattery Radar is versatile; it may be used in different locations, regardless of the climatic conditions and intensity of intercept mode. Such radars are used during massive military operations with a high level of concentration of military equipment, during limited interventions and peacekeeping operations to control ceasefire on the large area.

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