The mobile 3-D air surveillance radar with transistorized transmitter, intended for low, medium and high flying targets detection is designed to be used:
- as target designation system in anti-aircraft missile troops;
- as an information link in AD and AF units.

The radar can be transported by C-130 Hercules aircraft.



Maximum radar operation limits:  
in range, km 500
in azimuth, deg 360
in elevation,deg 0 ... 70
Target detection range, RCS=3-5 m2 (at P=0,8 F=10-6), km:  
at flight altitude >10km 360
Transmitter type Solid State
Transmitter peak power, kW 32
Number of beams 16
Clutter suppression, dB 50
Jamming cancelling, dB 20
Track throughput, more than 500
IFF equipment built-in




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