The high-mobility surveillance metric wave radar is designed to enlarge radar detection field of air defense system. The radar is based on digital phased array and allows to detect Stealth airborne objects.



Operating frequency range UHF
Maximum radar operation limits:  
in range, km 400
in azimuth, deg 360  
in elevation, deg 0...45
in altitude, km 40
Scanning interval, s 10, 20
Target detection range, RCS=3-5 m2 (at P=0,8 F=10-6):
at flight altitude 10km 300...360
at flight altitude 1km 160
at flight altitude 100 m 27
Antenna type DPAR
Clutter suppression, dB 50
Jamming cancelling, dB 20
Track throughput, more than 300
Number of transport units 1
Deployment/closing time, min 05 / 3


tel. +38 (061) 271-22-11


84, Magistralna St.,
Zaporizhzhia, 69071, Ukraine