Main functions:
-    remote control of Radars 36D6M, 80K6K1;
-    collection and processing of Radar data with digital output in composition of air defense electronic technical units with air picture data output to command posts by wire and satellite channels;
-    collection of Radar data from remote sources, forming of combined air picture;
-    control of fighter aviation pilots actions;
-    target data transmission to AAMC (option).
RCP-1 composition:
-    Personnel workstations;
-    Radar control operator workstation;
-    Navigator workstation;
-    Commander workstation;
-    Data processor;
-    Modems, radio-bridges;
-    Satellite modem (option);
-    Radio station for communication with pilots;
-    Radio station for tactical – command communication;
-    Electric power supply equipment;
-    Life-supporting equipment.



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