Maintenance module (MM) is designed to control serviceability, diagnostics and renewal of Line Replacement Units LRU) being incorporated in the Radar: digital, digital-to-analog and analog cells; high frequency units and subunits; PCBs and secondary power supply units.



MM Incorporates the workstatIons:

WS-1 (Workstation 1) is designed for diagnostics and fault finding up to the element level (a group of elements) of
digital and digital-to-analog LRUs based on TTL, CMOS or mixed TTL-CMOS logic as well as LRUs having analog elements with signal levels over the range from

WS-1 is made applying the automated diagnostic complex and is completed with multi-purpose programmer "UNIPROG".
The diagnostic complex consists of hardware,  software and repair databases for the tested LRUs.

The hardware consists of 135-channel test-processor, 16-channel logic and signature analyzer and 6-channel analog
generator and performs the following functions:
· Testing of PCBs via  connectors with simultaneous recording of the PCS reaction for test;
· In-circuit testing of the PCB and elements;
· Providing LRUs under test with power supply.

WS-2 (Workstation 2) is the PC-based measuring-diagnostic complex,  which is designed to  diagnose and measure the high-frequency LRU parameters.
The complex incorporates:
· RF and UHF units of oscillators being controlled;
· Digital oscilloscope;
· Spectrum analyzer.

WS-3 (Workstation 3) is a multi-purpose workstation,  intended for diagnostics of failed cells,  assemblies,  subunits and units providing switching,   check and control,  obtaining secondary voltages, processing and onversion of analog signals as part of the radar units and cabinets. WS-3 possesses the built-in facilities of protection,  control and check of its main parameters.

WS-4 (Workstation 4) is a   multi-purpose repair station. It is equipped with a  set of fixtures,   tools and special-purpose equipment.

The dismounting of faulty radio elements,   the radio elements performing,   soldering of newly mounted elements and varnishing are accomplished at WS-4



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