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 Radar 80К6     3-D Air Surveillance radar


      The mobile 3-D air surveillance radar for low, medium and high  altitudes with analog, coordinate and track outputs, operating off-line or as a part of regional and national automatic control post (ACP) is designed to be used:
 - As a  part of anti-aicraft missile troops to issue targeting to anti-aicraft missile complexes;
 - as an information link in the air  forces and air  defense units for  air  traffics control.





       The radar system provides:

 - detection,  tracking and measurement of the airborne target coordinates and their  ground speed under  conditions of no interference and of natural noise and active and passive jamming as well as under  their  combined effect;
 - recognition of the aircraft IFF-equipment,  the individual and flight information gaining from friendly   aircraft,   data  representation and issuing to users;
 - jamming station direction finding in elevation and azimuth;
 - data  issuing to off-line display  facilities and interactions with command posts of regional and higher  national ACP.


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